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Win vitiligo by practicing Yoga

Cure vitiligo by practicing Yoga

A skin condition caused by defective melanogenesis,  Vitiligo  is an autoimmune pigmentation disorder. It is unknown what causes this disease, but it is clear that a malfunction of the body's immune system is to blame. Because there is no well established effective treatment for this condition, it is not available. The Indian traditional system of medicine  AYUSH  has several effective  Ayurvedic treatments for vitiligo . Western medicine is not as effective at treating vitiligo as Siddha and Ayurveda. It is an effective and proven method of treating vitiligo using ayurvedic pharmaceuticals and research.

Ayurvedic proven treatment methods can be used to cure vitiligo through these effective and proven treatments. There is no better treatment for vitiligo than this ayurvedic method. As evidenced from clinical trials, ayurvedic medicine may increase skin pigmentation, and there are recent reports supporting the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicine for vitiligo treatment.

Can vitiligo be cured by yoga?

Vitiligo can be effectively treated with yoga. By detoxifying the body & mind, yoga helps to cope with the condition of autoimmunity. In white patches treatment in ayurveda and leucoderma, there are some asanas that are particularly helpful. A yogic breathing exercise called pranayama is an important yoga practice. This is a form of yoga in which Prana is life energy, Yama is discipline and Ayama is expansion. It is possible to achieve balance in our overall well-being using pranayama. In Ayurveda, pranayama is described as a practice for cleansing the body, balancing it, and purifying our vital life force. Pranayama is a prerequisite to meditation. The practice of Kapalbhati (Kapalabhati) pranayama can be considered a form of advanced breathing that consists of passive inhales and powerful -short exhales. By stimulating the release of toxins and waste matter, it tones and cleanses the respiratory system and is a traditional internal purification technique. The resulting rejuvenation and strengthening of the immune system helps to combat sickness.

Here is a list of yoga poses for treating leucoderma

Yoga poses and asanas are all effective in developing stamina and improving immunity. As a result of yoga exercises, new cells are developed and dead cells are removed from the skin. By practicing yoga under an expert's supervision, you are more likely to maintain balance in all the parts of your body, along with regulating excess perspiration. In addition to reducing the occurrence of skin problems, including leucoderma, perspiration protects the skin. Meanwhile, Yoga regulates the production of hormones by the body's endocrine glands.

●    Practicing meditation

●    Yoga breathing techniques: Adisodhana Pranayama

●    Performing the Bhramri Pranayama

●    The sitting-up breathing exercise

●    Asana Sitipranayama

●    Katapalbhati

●    Yoga savasana

●    The padmasana pose

● Sikhasana

● Yoga posture: Makarasana

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