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Turbotax update error


Most problems that you might experience when attempting to TurboTax update Error are caused by improper settings on your computer, conflicts with certain software and hardware, and general Internet connectivity issues. Less commonly, the software code itself may cause the problem.

Download Errors

Users sometimes report that the update bar on TurboTax stops at 0 or 100 percent or the download randomly freezes, the TurboTax support website reports. Additionally, the "one-click update" button may not have the desired effect of automatically installing updates. A firewall setting on your computer might generate an error messages or cause an update to fail before it completes or not to start at all.



TurboTax recommends that users turn off pop-up and ad blocking plug-ins on their browsers. Make sure that firewall software is configured to recognize TurboTax as a trusted website and that the firewall is turned off during the download. Download interruptions are sometimes caused by inadequate disk space; ensure that your hard drive has adequate space for a large download. Use the operating system's disk clean-up tool to create additional space if necessary. Error messages other than the firewall notice require a reinstall of the TurboTax update.



Remember to re-enable your firewall and other security software after turning it off to allow TurboTax updates. While making security software inactive for a short time to accommodate the TurboTax download poses little risk, allowing your computer to remain unsecured increases the risk of infection by malware and susceptibility to attacks.


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