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Windows Intune становится все слаще и слаще

Объявлена новая бета July 2011

The core architecture remains unchanged, and we’ve added a few of the top feature requests. We’ve also made usability improvements to the service to deliver a richer experience and help you proactively address the PC management and security needs of your business. These updates include:
• Software Distribution: Deploy most Microsoft®, third-party, and your company’s own business applications and updates to Windows Intune managed PCs, as noted in Software Distribution section below.
• Remote Tasks: Remotely perform the following tasks on Windows Intune managed PCs from the administration console: Full scan, Quick scan, Update Malware Definition, and Restart.
• Robust license management: Manage your Microsoft Retail Licenses, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Licenses for Microsoft software, and third-party software licenses in addition to Microsoft Volume License agreements.
• Enhanced Reporting: Create hardware reports based on new hardware filters for common hardware characteristics. Additionally, you can now create and save report parameters to make it easy and efficient to run a report again in the future.
• Windows Intune Migration Tool: Help customers transition from Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 or R3, Microsoft® Systems Management Server 2003, and Windows Server® Update Service to Windows Intune. This tool is scheduled to be available for beta evaluation at the end of August 2011.
• Alerts & Monitoring: Configure alert types to be reported according to a specified threshold, frequency, or percent of computers affected.
• Numerous usability and user interface enhancements: We continue to improve the design and usability based on user feedback. You will find updates like read-only access and new context menus, copy and paste, drag and drop, search, filter, and improved organization capabilities throughout the product.

Комментарии (2)

  • Аватар

    Рубинштейн Кирилл [krubinshteyn], 14 июля 2011, 11:37

    а разве доступность беты определяется страной?

    Ну и наверное подключат РФ когда выпустят продакшн.
    • Аватар

      Мосолов Дмитрий [Cookie], 14 июля 2011, 12:18

       Да хорошо бы конечно, но если уж разрекламированый Office 365 до сих пор ждут 8000 российских партнеров, то на Intune, которого никто даже не обещал придется только облизываться :-). Он вообще с марта уже продается За бугром, а это какая то  странная "бетта апдейта". Так и называется beta July 2011.